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"WE TATTOO U" is the only TATTOO Shop in Amritsar & Punjab with American Health Standards &  High Quality work. Here we maintain the highest standards of clinical hygiene, featuring international level of tattooing in India. We give our best knowledge to our client. We give them safe and happy atmosphere while getting inked by our Artists. We offer variety of Tattoo Designs to choose from and not only this, we also do customize work to meet our client requirements.  

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Ashu singh

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Our happy clients say

  • Was not planning for tattoo from Amritsar then Recommended by a friend to this place…. met with Ashu on a Sunday he was happy to open the shop for us and he exactly knew what we had in mind and executed with perfection. A long 7hrs work of art….but well worth the wait. Done truly professionally and hygienically nice ambiance and service….. will definitely recommend to all my friends and colleagues in Amritsar to checkout….. 🙂 Thanks again Ashu…. 🙂

    Murari Kaimal
  • A nice studio with a owner full of great knowledge n vision…being a frn i cn say ashu z really an awesome person…god bless…

    Satvinder Singh
  • Perfection is the word!!! M amazed with all your work . Really happy with your progress keep up the good work keep rocking inking ppl god bless

    Nikita Kapoor
  • Perfection is d word ! Love your work .. Way to go my frnd .. Keep it up ! God bless u.

    Pam Kaur
  • The owner of Wetat2u Ashu Singh is a very talented Tattoo Artist and provides you with a range of tattoo designs as per the customer’s choice. The moment I entered the studio, I was told as to the sorts of needles being used the kind of colors which are the best and how to take care of the tattoo. The best knowledge was provided to me and along with it I was made comfortable that the needle did not hurt me at all. If any problem regarding the tattoo, he was always there to suggest me the best thing related to it. And my this tattoo remains to be the best amongst the rest of them. Good Luck Ashu… Continue this art throughout… So ppl Keep Calm and Get A Tattoo!! Coz that is all what is urs Forever!!

    Chanchal Paraswani
  • Itssss amazinggg .. ashu singh d bst tatoo artist ___ awsmmmm tatoos .i luv :*

    Jot CHeema
  • Awesome work….True artist….You r the master of ur work….Great skill…. God bless u allways….My first tattoo thanks to (WE TAT2 U) Ashu paji….

    Akhil Bahri
  • Good work doin keep it up nice pics n awesome 1 is f bling singh and feather too

    Satpreet Singh
  • Ausamm creater u r sir thanx for giving this tatoo……..i more time thanx so much….

    Aditya Singh Randhawa



These guidelines are based on a combination of vast professional experience, common sense, research, and extensive clinical practice. This is not to be considered a substitute for medical advice from a doctor. If you suspect an infection, seek medical attention. Be aware that many doctors have not received specific training regarding tattooing. Your tattooist may be able to refer you to a tattoo friendly doctor.

How to Take Care of Your New Tattoo:


  • Disregard any advice from friends and family. We are licensed professionals and the proper healing of your new tattoo is very important to us.
  • 1:-Your bandage should be worn for 1 to 2 hours. Thoroughly wash your hands and dry them with a paper towel before removing the bandage. Showers are fine-just NO SOAKING!
  • 2:- Wash your fresh tattoo with fragrance free Soap i.e ( Heal It, Tattoo Goo ) ; gently wash all excess blood, ointment, ink, and plasma from your tattoo. Only use your hand – DO NOT use a wash cloth or Face Wipes or Cotton as they can harbor bacteria.
  • 3:- If you are not sure which soap to use, read the ingredients. If alcohol is listed as one of the first few ingredients, DO NOT USE IT. Soap with fragrance and alcohol will burn and can over-dry the skin.
  • 4:- After washing the tattoo, pat it dry with a paper towel. DO NOT use a hand or bath towel. Towels can harbor bacteria. DO NOT re-bandage your tattoo. It needs to “breathe” and get air to heal properly.
  • 5:- USE OINTMENT 3 TO 4 TIMES A DAY I.E TAT WAX, TATTOO GOO. This helps your tattoo to breath and quick heal
  • 6:- Wash your tattoo TWICE a day for the duration of the healing time. Too much washing can wash away your body’s natural bacteria which helps your skin to heal. Washing the tattoo in the morning and at night before you go to bed is sufficient. For the first day, the tattoo will “ooze” clear plasma. This is completely normal.
  • 7:- By the second or third day, your tattoo will start to dry out. You will see large black and colored flakes coming off, especially in the shower. This is completely normal. DO NOT pick or “help” these flakes come off. Doing so will result in the loss of line and color in your tattoo as well as cause scarring. In addition, DO NOT wear tight clothing that may rub the tattoo.
  • 8:- Continue to use the above steps until your tattoo is completely healed. Healing time varies with each individual and the area that was tattooed. Generally, tattoos are fully healed in two to three weeks.
  • 9:- During the healing process, DO NOT use anything on your tattoo that you wouldn’t use on any other wound or abrasion. This includes oils, glitter, sun block, etc.
  • 10:- If you have special circumstances that require you to alter our advised healing method, please ask the artist or staff. An example would be someone that works in an industry where their fresh tattoo might be exposed to dirt, germs, etc. while it is healing.



  • DO wear something old (yet clean) to bed the first night. Most tattoos will “ooze” and seep clear plasma and excess ink for the first day and night. This is normal but can stain sheets and clothes.
  • Your fresh tattoo should be considered an open wound. NEVER EVER touch your tattoo with dirty hands, fingernails, clothing, shoes, etc. This is the NUMBER 1 reason why infections occur. NEVER let anyone else touch your fresh tattoo either. USE COMMON SENSE!
  • Swelling and bruising of the area around the tattoo is common. Some people bruise easily, some do not. In addition, certain areas are more prone to bruising and swelling. Lower extremity tattoos (ankles, feet, calves) are more prone to swelling if you have to be on your feet for prolonged periods. Ibuprofen and elevating the affected area can help.

Above all, if you have ANY questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us or stop by. That’s what we are here for! We know what looks normal and what does not and we’ll assist you in any way that we can. We put a lot of hard work into your new tattoo and care about it just as much as you do.


WE TAT2 U is one and only AMRITSAR leading Tattoo setups. We have been in the TATTOO industry past 5 years. WE TAT2 U was started with the vision of being recognized as the Successful, Growing, Ethical Provider of Quality & Creative Tattoo in a Safe, Hygienic & Sterile Environment. WE DON'T compromise with Quality and we proved the safest and friendly environment to all our customers and try to maintain all the INTERNATIONAL Standards.


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