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WE TAT2-U is a custom Tattoo studio in AMRITSAR that is committed to giving you the best experience possible. As any other business, our reputation and providing the highest quality of service means the world to us. We work tirelessly to ensure that anyone who chooses us leaves with something they truly love.

The studio is owned and operated by tattoo artist Asshu Singh who collaborated more than 5 years in the Indian tattoo industry. The entire team at WE TAT2-U is constantly evolving within in the industry by learning new methods, ideologies, and appreciating the artwork that others do. This is why we’re often listed as one of the top rated tattoo studios in Amritsar and Punjab.

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Asshu Singh (Senior Tattoo Artist)

My interest in tattooing began in Australia at the age of 20 upon seeing a tattoo in person for the first time. A year later, while in Sterling College, Sydney, I realised that it wasn't for me and decided to dedicate my life to the art of tattooing. I worked with air travel & Tourism while nurturing my growing talent and building experience in the world of tattooing.

I completely enjoy the art of tattooing and especially the freedom of expression and personal satisfaction that it brings. I have been tattooing for just shy of 6 years and though I'm a versatile tattoo artist, I have showcased my talent for tattooing realism in black and grey, sometimes with a hint of colour at numerous tattoos.

I founded WE TAT2 U in AMRITSAR in the Year 2013 and we are only growing strong each day.

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Our Students

Kappish, Sunny and Yuvi

They started like all our students, with with basic sketching and drawings, and now they are on their to become artists very soon. They will soon be professionally certified tattoo artists of Amritsar. Being an artist is not only about how good you are at sketching but it is also about how good you are at managing things, keeping things real, organising your work and your work area. All this requires a lot of hardwork, dedication and ofcourse patience. All this and more, with our student program


Tattoo Courses Offered



Duration - 45 Days

Includes - Basic Sketching, Practice on Stencil Paper, Stencil and Pasting etc.



Duration - 60 Days

Includes - Working on Rubber Skin, Managing the Work Station, Information about needles and all the machines.



Duration - 6 Months

Includes - Your own Tattooing Kit, entire knowledge about the art of Tattooing. It is a certified course.


The best studio in Amritsar

We are a custom Tattoo studio in Amritsar that is committed to giving you the best experience possible.

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32A, 1st Floor, CEE TEE Mall,
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